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An Example of How To Write an Effective Academic Research Proposal The academic writing example in this post demonstrates how to write a research proposal.Proposals of this kind are necessary for a variety of educational and professional purposes such as applying for research grants, degree programmes, thesis approvals, and both fellowships and scholarships.Be aware as you prepare your research proposal that specific requirements may be established by a university, research institute, funding agency or other organisation.

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At present I know of this relationship only through James’s notes, which indicate that the strange symbols used by Ponderalot are also used in both .

Yet these additional annotations are not the work of Ponderalot, and each set was written in a different fourteenth-century hand, quite possibly the hand of the manuscript’s first owner.

This code not only enabled an understanding of Ponderalot’s mysterious annotations, but also opened new and more politically charged avenues of interpretation for itself (Maynere, 2017).

What is particularly interesting to me as a student of Ponderalot’s marginal comments on the poem is the relationship between them and the marginal comments in the other two Duchess Poems.

My training is in medieval English literary manuscripts and I have worked at length with Ponderalot’s manuscripts and James’s unpublished notes in the Codecorum Collection, so I have the skills, experience and knowledge to make the most of studying the Roberts and Northwestern manuscripts. Our proofreaders and editors are highly educated native speakers of English and their areas of specialisation range so widely that we are able to help our clients improve and perfect all kinds of research manuscripts for successful publication.

I also have the time as I have applied for a leave of absence from the Mediaeval Studies Centre (for the 2019/2020 teaching year) in order to consult the manuscripts at length and prepare my initial findings for publication. Many members of our team work predominantly on articles intended for publication in scholarly journals, ensuring that formatting and references conform to author guidelines with precision and correcting grammar, punctuation, spelling and simple typing errors so that our customers are able to report their research in the clear and accurate ways required to impress acquisitions editors and earn publication.Given the social, sometimes radical and occasionally satirical implications of Ponderalot’s odd symbols in the Codecorum’s Dark Duchess Manuscript (see Maynere, 2017), I anticipate thoughtful and unusual comments in the Roberts and Northwestern manuscripts as well.I also hope to trace the provenance and, if possible, uncover the identity of the original owners and annotators of both manuscripts.In this example the lack of published scholarship is particularly important.) • Explaining the methods you intend to use to conduct your research.(Tip: Aim for descriptions of methods that will be both comprehensible to general readers and informative for experts.In the humanities such pre-established structures for research proposals are rare, but application forms are common and may demand reformulation, restructuring and reformatting of research information.The example I offer here is written in normal paragraphs to meet the following requirements for an application for the fictional Richard James Manuscript Studies Research and Travel Grant: • Providing a brief description of your research plans relevant to the objectives of the organisation.Finally, as a reader of (I include a few key publications in the References below), the recent inclusion of the poem in medieval literature courses at a number of universities and the obvious temptation of learning about the past of a character as simultaneously compelling and repelling as the Dark Duchess, the complete neglect of the other two Duchess Manuscripts is nothing short of extraordinary.There is no doubt, however, that the research to be done is daunting: difficult, time consuming and expensive. At we pride ourselves on our large and extremely dedicated team of academic and scientific professionals.James’s notes in that edition indicate his desire to prepare editions of the other two poems, but he never found the time amidst numerous projects to return to the Roberts and Northwestern manuscripts.My own aspirations do not extend to critical editions, at least in the immediate future, but I am hoping to make a start on serious study of the poems and their marginal annotations by visiting the manuscripts in person.


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