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By contrast, some countries in North Africa have HIV prevalence rates lower than most cities in the USA.Outcomes for Africa have been predicted to the year 2025, by the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS).Cultural factors A large factor preventing people from getting tested and treated for HIV/AIDS is the cultural stigma associated with it.

By contrast, some countries in North Africa have HIV prevalence rates lower than most cities in the USA.Outcomes for Africa have been predicted to the year 2025, by the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS).Cultural factors A large factor preventing people from getting tested and treated for HIV/AIDS is the cultural stigma associated with it.

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West Africa has been identified as the location of the first known incidents of AIDS, but the occurrences of the disease were shrouded in secrecy.

There are a number of hypotheses present in regard the origins of HIV, including a linking the disease to the preparation of bushmeat (wild animals, including primates, hunted for food) in Cameroon and early to mid-20th-century medical practices.

Economic factors The most obvious challenge to the AIDS pandemic is the lack of funding for medical facilities and treatment distribution in developing countries, even with plenty of aid distributed throughout.

Facilities and pharmaceuticals are expensive; patents on many drugs add to the problem of discovering cost effective alternatives.

It is also inferred that since the virus transferred itself from chimpanzees (or other apes) to humans, this might have been the catalyst for origination of HIV in human populations in this region around 1930. There is part of the population, mainly in West Africa, infected with HIV-2.

HIV-2 is much like HIV-1 (usually simply “HIV”), in that it leads to AIDS.HIV-2 is genetically different and characterized clinically as having a consistent low viral load for much longer periods of time, and is intrinsically resistant to many common antiretrovirals.History For years, many governments in Sub-Saharan Africa denied that HIV infection was an issue, which stunted their ability to stem the progress of AIDS. The introduction of the ABC method of AIDS prevention has been proven to garner the strongest and most effective results.In addition, in 2009, the Pope Benedict, on a trip through Africa, banned the use of condoms in general.In 2013 the catholic church renewed banning of condoms in catholic schools.One unproven cultural factor consistently mentioned is that the practice of female genital mutilation has led to an increased occurrence of AIDS in Africa.The hypothesis is that intercourse with a circumcised female is conducive to an exchange of blood.One successful example statistically demonstrates that the ABC method assisted in a 10% drop in the percentage of HIV cases in Uganda between the years 1990-2001.Thus, it seems that the foundation for an effective national response is a strong prevention program.The outcomes showed an alarming, systematic growth in the infection and mortality rate, with the possibility of millions of cases to ensue.It has also been found that in many cases, the adults in these communities (the individuals with the means to educate themselves and economically and emotionally support a family) are the ones dying of the disease.


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