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This system created the white suburbs of the post-WWII boom with their white public schools and white middle-class jobs.African Americans could not join white America in home ownership which became an essential wealth building tool.When actor Jussie Smollet lied about being attacked by racist, MAGA-hat-wearing Trump supporters, Columbia University linguist John Mc Whorter actually interpreted it as a sign that "we have come further on race than we are often comfortable admitting.""Only in an America in which matters of race are not as utterly irredeemable as we are often told," he wrote in , would someone "pretend to be tortured in this way…[because] playing a singer on television is not as glamorous as getting beaten up by white guys."The unwillingness of both blacks and whites to acknowledge progress on racial equality is a long-running theme for Mc Whorter, who in 2000 published , which argued that "in most cases, [racism] is not an obstacle to people being the best that they can be."In an influential 2015 essay, Mc Whorter argued that "Antiracism" had become a new secular religion in America, complete with "clergy, creed, and also even a conception of Original Sin.""One is born marked by original sin," he wrote.

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We are here for a reason because our ancestors wanted a new opportunity and a better life. People are judged for simple things like race, or religion.

Throughout history, people set out for the Americas seeking a fresh start.

This established the conditions for the new slavery of share cropping and Jim Crow totalitarian control over black people.

From the New Deal into the mid-1960s the Federal government was essentially captured by Southern Democrats in the areas of social policy.

Only liberal whites could ever think that we had entered a post-racial phase with the election of President Obama.

Most whites continue to deny the existence of racism or are active racists.

Instead of implementing land reform that would have given former slaves the means to earn their own living northern whites caved into the very southern whites who had revolted against the country.

They allowed the southern plantation class to retain ownership of the land, the land cleared and made productive by slaves.

In the post-Civil Rights era following the Federal legislation of the 1960s, the Federal government has persisted in taking no responsibility for creating the segregated America that we now live in.

The official line is that the segregation is the result of natural forces of selection and not the structures of segregation built into housing construction and the real estate industry.


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