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From day one I knew this is where I would accordance of national progression. So my message to fellow American citizens, press your political representatives to create a society that supports each one of your American Dreams, as long as they’re morally correct and/or legal.

My husband and I will make sure our children always have what they need, also be positive role models to them so that they can make it in life, this is how I want my dream house to be.

I will have a lovable family with my three kids and my husband.

The snow is like a big overstuffed pillow ripped apart, spilling white cotton over everything. One applies to those who find themselves migrating to our country as immigrants seeking a better life or a modified version of their old one.

It is snow so fluffy that when laid down on it makes one believe that they are in heaven, floating around the sky on a feathery cloud. Secondly the version that applies to those who were born and raised in America and are seeking success and self-fulfillment.

You will never feel that ecstatic feeling of achievement.

You will never get pride in what you do and what you have achieved.You will not be able to achieve those goals and will lead a miserable life.You will never enjoy the luxuries of life and you will never feel happy.The mountains look like a picture out of National Geographic. I obviously apply only to the latter of the two and so here is my American dream.There is not one sign of human disturbance Design my own dream city 1. A dream As you were little, have you ever wondered about how your house will be when you grow up?Introduction The notion of sustainable city has mounted a paramount place in the contemporary urban planning. They Say, I Say: The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing (2nd ed.). When I was twelve years old, I dreamt of building my house in a nice and quiet neighborhood, where my family would feel safe.In the world Conservation strategies in1980, the concept of sustainable development was firstly introduced. My definition of a dream house would be the house I build for my family to feel safe, comfortable, and enjoy every good moments in the house.At the age of 35 I become a History professor at the University of Maine in Farmington, making my dream job become a reality. In the border between the United States and Mexico, many immigrants have lost their lives attempting to achieve their promise dream.Through out my next several years as a college professor i begin to dabble with the political arts and soon run for Senator of Maine. Many immigrants who cross the border pursue the American Dream. I feel like this is my century we were not free we were still oppressed by the racist and discriminative groups of people who at charge over us.My family was one of the many immigrant families who attempted and fortunately succeeded in crossing over the border. We were bound by the chains of bondage of segregation.My freedom was harder, and I persevere until I get the correct answer. Looking at the text of the “I have a Dream Speech,” Doctor King brings back the hymn Shine on Me to my mind he exemplifies that in darkness there can still be light.


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