Animal Abuse Thesis Statement

Animal Abuse Thesis Statement-3
This subject is a strong argument on a variety of opinions.

Countries, societies, and cultures differ from America.

Since most countries do not have intense regulations, the way households and society runs, is the way animals will be treated and affected by.

Accomplishments include various campaigns such as Great American Meatout, World Day for Farmed Animals; and Meatout Mondays.

Through their educational efforts, over 30 million Americans have experimented with vegetarian diets, a lower percentage of beef and veal has been consumed, and many fast food restaurants now serve vegetarian dishes.

People just need to be educated of how bad this problem has really gotten to understand why I feel this way.

Animal welfare is a fairly recent, yet troubling argument in society.With the use of hunting, many capture and kill animals for their liking, and for profit.The origin of animal rights (or sometimes called animal liberation) is unknown.Animal cruelty has now shown comparisons through human abused households.The concern is recent because as society changes humans attitudes change which now affects towards animals. Animals were just creatures put on this earth, and whatever happened to them, well, I simply didnt care.I saw them as just animals that didnt have feelings or even much intelligence. Animal abuse has gone on … …intelligent; sometimes smarter that humans.With dairy and meat production as its bread and butter, there were several adjustments that were made on the farms.In 1981 FARM (Farm Animal Rights Movement) has attempted to prevent people from consuming meat as a protein source.For common types of animal abuse can be split into kinds of sub-groups, neglect and malicious intent.A major type that is affecting the world today is factory farming.


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