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Your narratives have to offer an alternative to the dominant story line of why things are the way they are.

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Extending the example above, if you were citing two different articles from , you would give the information as follows in your Works Cited.

For each article, list by the article’s author and title, then give the editor’s name and the first and last page number of the article.

The title of each reflection should include the prompt title, i.e.

“Part 1: Reflections on Reading”, and “Part 2: Reflections on Power.” Your work is complete when you have submitted as a digital copy to the Drop Box location linked below, and printed and stapled a hard copy to bring to your first seminar meeting.

[Instructions (in Part I, 2, and Part II, 1) indicate that you should print texts and mark them as you read.

Anthology Essays Bartholomae May 2012 Sat Essay Prompt

Please have these completed prior to Wednesday, September 25, and bring them with you as an aid to discussion to your first seminar meeting.

In the questions below, we're not looking for a complete argument, or for polished, tightly-edited writing.

We're looking for your depth of engagement, both with the texts and with your own responses to them.

.] [“Eds.” book editor(s) by first name.] [city of publication: publisher, year.] [full page numbers for article.] [medium.] APA: Bialostosky, D. “Liberal Education, Writing, and the Dialogic Self.” Harkin and Schilb 11-22. [article author.] [“article title.”] [last name of editor(s) and full page numbers for article.] [medium.] Clifford, John. Knowing which type you’re using matters both for how you cite the information and for how you use the source to develop your argument.

(Example below in MLA style; adjust as needed for other styles.) Bialostosky, Don H. #.] [author last name, “shortened title,” page quoted.] [Shortened Chicago reference; see More Notes on Chicago Style for more information.] Articles can appear in many sources, including books, journals, magazines, newspapers, and websites.


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