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but a big surprise for them was that the internet was a real freeway, a freeway escaping from strict government control, a freeway for people who wanted to see but couldn’t see and who wanted to say but couldn’t say.

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however, after the attacks of 9/11 things changed drastically; and although fisa was enacted, president bush changed the entire outlook on “foreign” intelligence surveillance that would soon lead to question if americans really do have any privacy in their own country.

and also, relevant authorities can monitor road conditions with surveillance cameras.

petersburg times, until august of 2014, in ybor city, florida, the tampa police department used fourty-six surveillance cameras that scanned faces of all people walking around the entertainment district.

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these leaks lead to one of the most significant debates about an individual’s daily life in decades; the constituent’s right to cameras in public locations provide evidence and gather clues.Nowadays, surveillance cameras are used not only by the government but also by individuals and other private firms.: new to old created: old to newlikes: most to leastlikes: least to mostreplies: most to leastreplies: least to mostthe don't work security cameras don't is now very common for property owners to use surveillance cams to keep their rental homes secure and parents have used nanny cams for years to monitor their children, observe housekeepers or other domestic fact, surveillance gadgets such as cameras, radio tracking chips and house alarms are used in many places to ensure safety.a total banning of surveillance cameras is most likely not a viable option today.the government has a responsibility to monitor one’s movement and ensure maximum security.there are many aspects to campus security implementation; therefore, separate initiatives will be combined to ensure that maximum security is provided.he hopes to understand to whom the shared information is going to and if those sharing the information know their true audience.just like that, the main benefit of surveillance cameras in public spaces is also the increase of public safety.surveillance has raised a lot of concerns in privacy issues in the advancing technology.


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