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You cannot assign the same key combination to more than one control.

To do this, click New Hotkey in Win Hot Key, then click the drop down box under I want Win Hot Key to: and select Type some text.The Toggle section is available only for Boolean controls, and the Increment and Decrement sections are available only for Numeric, Slide, Knob, Ring, and Enum controls.You also can use the Control properties to assign keyboard shortcuts to controls and set tabbing behavior programmatically.If you want to help, see the README file in the source repository for instructions. Open your System Preferences and click on "Keyboard". Better write it down before you quit i Tunes because spelling counts! The next time you start i Tunes, look in its Scripts Menu.Now, type or paste the text into the box at the bottom of the new hotkey window.Finally, make sure to choose a new keyboard shortcut you haven’t used before.I can see this shortcut option being useful for a large number of Windows 10 users. Once downloaded, go through the installer wizard, then launch Win Hot Key. In the new window that appears, give the hotkey a name.It’s quick and easy to set it up so that a quick shortcut can open any executable file. First, download the Win Hot Key program from Directedge. After, choose what combination you’d like to trigger the shortcut. After, you can click the Browse option to find the location of the executable you’d like to open.After, you can type emoji codes like :smiley: to automatically use emojis.At any time, you can refer back to the Github link above to see which codes are used for each emoji. Did you struggle with any of the suggestions in this guide?


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