Assignment Of Contract Rights

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The assignor abandons the right to demand performance on the contract and the assignee retains the right to demand performance on the contract.Where a valid assignment takes place and is complete, both parties must agree to cancel or modify the assignment.Additionally, courts hesitate to enforce assignments that increase the risk for the parties to the contract.

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I owe Green $1,000, so after the first 10 months I assign this contract to Green.

I am the assignor, Green is the assignee, and Red is the obligor. The assignee is the party that receives the rights and obligations under the contract, but wasn't an original party to the contract.

In the case of a breach of contract, the parties are no longer bound to the terms of the contract, which includes a non-assignability clause.

Personal nature contracts, which require the skill, credit, or personal quality of one of the parties are generally exempt from the default rule of assignability.

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Generally, a contract must be either bilateral or unilateral to be assignable.

The right to assignment is a default rule and contracts do not need to expressly provide the right to assign.

Such contracts, for example, include signing deals between agents, produces, directors, and authors.

The courts will generally not enforce an assignment if the assignment decreases the value of the contract or any anticipated return.


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