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There are six quizzes each worth 5% of the total grade, two exams each worth 20% of the total grade, and one final exam worth 30% of the total grade.

The student’s final grade will be a weighted average, and we will use the SUMPRODUCT and SUM functions to calculate it.

Before creating a Weighted Total Column using Category Weights, you should be sure that all of your assignments, tests, manually created columns, etc., are associated with a category, so that the Grade Center knows what to include in calculating the final grade.

To create a weighted calculated column: Proportional vs.

The following example will demonstrate how to use Excel’s SUMPRODUCT and SUM functions to calculate a weighted average.

Assignment Weight Calculator Spanish 2 Midterm Essay

For our example, let’s look at a student’s quiz and exam scores.

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a Discussion category with columns worth 5 points and columns worth 10 points).

If all of the columns in the category are equal, both settings work the same way.


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