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From an early age, I was able to overcome challenges through hard work and determination, as well as the support of my teachers and family.Through my personal struggles, I was inspired to become an educator so I could teach kids and challenge them to reach their full potential through hard work and the relentless pursuit to become their best self.But, more importantly, they made a difference in my life.

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As I got older, school was not as easy for me but my teachers always took the time to help me understand what was being taught.

My teachers fostered within me a desire to learn, challenge myself and explore.

I know that instilling a love of learning in students ensures a brighter future for them and all mankind.” “A teacher is one of the only jobs that every child gets the opportunity to observe over and over again.

I had some extraordinary teachers growing up and always wanted to impact children the way they had impacted me.

She taught me how to be excited about learning while challenging me every day to reach my full potential.

One of the personal challenges I had to overcome as a student was being dyslexic.I found a knack for guiding children in the acquisition of knowledge and skills. The way their eyes lit up in response to understanding ignited my excitement for teaching.More importantly, knowing I was making an impact beyond that of academics cemented my decision to become part of this important, evolving and noble profession.” “When I was in first grade, my teacher made a profound impact on my life.Click through this gallery to read their inspiring stories.Tracy began her career at an engineering company, then lost her job due to downsizing.But training junior engineers while still at the company, she realized that she had a knack and passion for teaching.“Looking back, I may have been naïve in my decision to teach, thinking, as what the general public may think also, ‘how hard can it be?I decided that through teaching I could affect the lives of many students who experienced similar challenges as I faced.To this day, I know that every student who walks through our doors deserves as excellent an education as any other student in the country does.My first grade teacher first exposed me to this attitude toward learning and made me realize very early in life that becoming a teacher was not only going to be my future but a lifelong passion!” “Each day I wake up excited to get to school and help our young students reach their potential through fostering a love of learning.


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