Belonging Essay Peter Skrzynecki 10 Mary Street

Stability is created in the second stanza through the concept of daily routine and culture.

The poet mentions various plants which are of European descent such as roses, camellias,...

This notion of moving further and further away illustrates the sons moving away from this sense of belonging.

St Patricks College * St Patricks college illustrates the poet feeling isolated which leads to him not belonging in the school environment.

This leading to the lack belonging he is feeling with the school.

* The schools motto “Luceat Lux Vestra” means let you light shine.This sense of belonging through location is challenged through industrialisation successively in the poem, arousing negative emotions such as anxiety.The poem ’10 Mary Street’ captures the typical idea of family life through concepts such as daily routine, the garden and the house.By creating this barrier between him and the school he is creating a barrier between him and his belonging.* The repetition of “8 years” creates a sense that the school experience dragged on and became a chore which he did not enjoy.It is evident from the beginning of the poem that the ‘nineteen years’ he and his family spent in 10 Mary Street was quite prosperous in the sense of work, family devotion and happiness.The poet’s use of similes, affectionate tones and inclusion in the first stanza, suggests to the audience a daily routine related to family life and security within the home, immediately crafting the idea of belonging through place.Belonging * Peter describes his fathers love and devotion for his ..middle of the document...* The poets lack of belonging is shown through his quote of “happy as I have never been”.Both poems show that strong cultural and linguistic ties enhance our sense of belonging.Texts Immigrant Chronicle * Written by Peter Skrzynekci * Feliks skrezynecki * St Patricks college Gran Torino * Directed by Clint Eastwood * 2008 * Main characters ( Walt Kowalski, Thao, Sue) Analysis Feliks Skrzynecki * Peter illustrates both belonging and not belonging in this poem.


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