Best Books For Creative Writing

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It’s excellent advice to not over-describe, and to trust the reader to make part of the journey themselves.

It’s a reminder that this is part of the joy of reading, and that it’s an active engagement between author and reader.

Half rags to riches, half practical writing advice, Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’ is always mentioned in lists of the best books on creative writing, and for good reason.

‘On Writing’ reads in the style it suggests you write in. The first half is King’s own journey to writing (including lots of rejections), and the second part is his advice on writing.

This was a hefty tome I’d seen and heard about lots of times before but I was convinced that I didn’t need.

Why buy a massive book when the world’s your oyster with the internet at your fingertips? Navigating publishing’s chopping waters can be tricky when you’re just one woman in a canoe.If you’re looking for free resources to start you off, take a look at my post which lists the best free online resources for writers.These book recommendations are ideal for ambitious creative writers, especially those studying creative writing in depth, or as part of a university degree or MFA.Despite the fact Bradbury wrote most of these so long ago, I had no idea until he started recounting how he wrote his first works on a library typewriter, hired for a dime a day (or something similar).His passion and tone of voice is absolutely timeless, and he certainly managed to fire me up to create create create.Look up the best books on writing and you’ll find thousands – all with similar sounding names and blurbs on the back. But there are some books out there that are so darned helpful that they could be adapted for any style of writing, and they’re firmly in my arsenal whether I’m writing novels, short stories, poetry, scripts, or copy.With limited time and limited budget, how do you know where to start? These are the best books in creative writing, no matter your genre or style…This is more important if you really want to be a commercial writer and produce books quickly and efficiently.The main strength of this book is how it breaks down a typical story’s parts into simple pieces you can plan in advance.And it’s really practical stuff – an example I always remember is how to describe a cage on a table.King describes it and then points out all the gaps in the description that you filled in yourself as the reader.


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