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For example, you may have a much more qualified service repair department than most competitors.

Highlight details about your executive and management team in your business plan.

Without one, it's tough to maintain a vision of the future and what the next steps for your business should be.

Think of it as a litmus test to prove that every step taken is part of a larger calculated effort.

Clearly outline who the major competitors are in your industry by market.

Competitors will likely vary if you serve multiple cities or states.

Base your break-even analysis on a three-year forecast of sales and profits.

Project your sales and profits each month the first year and every quarter for years two and three, according to the Small Business Administration.

Also, keep the length of your plan in mind when it comes to your reader.

We would always recommend keeping your plan as short as possible, but certain readers might want to see more details while others might want only the high level information.


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