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The feature box allows you to insert code in your theme in certain areas of your website, such as a featured header that you could use for email optins.I could sit here and explain every single option here, but Chris Pearson did a great job when he deign this options panel.What I love most about Thesis is how flexible it is.

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Two of my favorite features for Thesis design options are the columns setting and the nav menu settings.

The columns section will allow you to set how many columns and the widths of those columns.

Below are some screenshots of the favicon uploader, header image uploader, custom file editor, and the manage options panel.

These option panels still have great functionality, but as their name implies what they do, I will not explain them.

But by celebrating parts of the female experience we share and, in turn, by finding understanding when we share nothing at all, we can maybe get one step closer to a more inclusive version of femininity.

The students have almost full control over their thesis, Egenhoefer said.Seeing Thesis’s option doesn’t really do it justice though.We use Thesis for nearly all Word Press projects we do at Microbrand Media, and I personally use it to build any websites I freelance.“After the [2016 presidential] election, I felt a general discontent among women,” Margot’s artist statement reads.“All sides of the political spectrum feeling underrepresented, unheard, and misunderstood.Splayed behind it is a 3D re-creation of the magazine’s cover, which is overlaid with a collage of square panels containing photographs and blurbs from its inaugural issue.Beside the display stands a smiley Margot Flynn, the magazine’s designer and publisher, her camera slung around her neck.At the time of the exhibit, these students will have spent an entire semester (approximately 18 weeks) on a single project. She sent out surveys and conducted interviews and took photographs and even maintained an Instagram account (@womenupmagazine).“From idea generation to developing their own voice; from putting it together, to prototyping, to presentation — they’ve seen a whole project through, from start to finish,” Egenhoefer says. Then, when she had enough, she had to take those raw stories and render them into a magazine format.I usually spend most of my time in design options, but when I first install Thesis on a website, I usually will tweak a few settings in site options for SEO.While site options lets you quickly set up your site, design options is where you can begin to set the ground work for an amazing design!


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