Blood Brothers Themes Essay

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The musical developed a cult following due to its relatable characters. She struggles in poverty and longs for the days where she felt as glamorous as Marilyn Monroe with her husband.

The musical begins with a narrator telling the audience about twins—Edward and Mickey—who were separated at birth and happened to die on the same day.

They decide to become “blood brothers,” after realizing they share a birthday. Johnstone sees them together, realizes who Edward is and shoos him away. Their activities draw attention, especially when they are throwing rocks at windows and are caught by police. They both have been suspended from school for disrespecting a teacher. This enrages Mickey, and his bad temper causes Linda to seek solace with Edward. Incensed, Mickey finds Sammy’s gun and confronts Edward. Mickey accuses Edward of not just an affair, but also fathering Mickey’s child. Instead of calming Mickey down, the news makes him more upset, as he realizes he could have had Edward’s privileged life.

The boys meet by happenstance and become fast friends. The boys ignore their mothers’ reactions and spend time together, along with a girl named Linda. Lyons decides to uproot her family to keep the boys away from each other. Johnstone gives Edward a locket with her picture, along with Mickey’s. Johnstone decides to move to the country also, to give a better life to her children. Mickey and Linda have feelings for each other, but Mickey feels awkward around her. Linda is desperate and asks Edward, now a city councilman, for help. Lyons sees Edward and Linda together and tells Mickey. The narrator tells us the devil has finally arrived. Johnstone appears and tells the boys that they are twins.

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Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays. The play tells of twin brothers, separated at birth, with one kept in a low-class family and the other is adopted into a wealthy family. He is saddened to hear about the pregnancy and engagement, so he abandons his romantic feelings. He agrees to participate in a robbery with his older brother, Sammy. Edward returns from college, but he and Mickey are different now. Edward, feeling dejected, finds Linda and confesses his feelings. The narrator remarks that the devil will catch up to them. They get caught, and Mickey is sentenced to seven years in prison. Sammy murders someone in the process, so Mickey is guilty as an accessory.Despite the fact that Paul and Benjy are twins; they both display different personality traits.Paul is an introvert who loves nature and he loves to contemplate about life. This further reinforces that although both boys are genetically related that is where the commonality ends. Edward and Mickey see each other from far away, not recognizing each other. Edward is jealous of the independence Mickey has, whereas Mickey is jealous of Edward’s cool demeanor. Once his mother discovers what is in the locket, she becomes concerned. The superstition came true, and the narrator questions if the tragedy was just a matter of class disparity.Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.


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