Business Continuity Plan Information Technology

Software and work process changes must be (re)documented and validated, including verification that documented work process recovery tasks and supporting disaster recovery infrastructure allow staff to recover within the predetermined recovery time objective.

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A Business impact analysis (BIA) differentiates critical (urgent) and non-critical (non-urgent) organization functions/activities.

A function may be considered critical if dictated by law.

The implementation phase involves policy changes, material acquisitions, staffing and testing.

The 2008 book Exercising for Excellence, published by The British Standards Institution identified three types of exercises that can be employed when testing business continuity plans.

The decision to fail-over is dependent on the scale of the disaster and could be amended at any time.

During a declared emergency, OEM has a procedure in place to activate an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and essential campus departments as Emergency Support Functions (ESF).

A 2005 analysis of how disruptions can adversely affect the operations of corporations and how investments in resilience can give a competitive advantage over entities not prepared for various contingencies, and the term "strategic resilience" is now used to go beyond resisting a one-time crisis, but rather continuously anticipating and adjusting, "before the case for change becomes desperately obvious." This approach is sometimes summarized as: preparedness, Business continuity is the intended outcome of proper execution of Business continuity planning and Disaster recovery.

It is the payoff for cost-effective buying of spare machines and servers, performing backups and bringing them off-site, assigning responsibility, performing drills, educating employees and being vigilant.


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