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The next critical step in your implementation journey is assembling the team(s) necessary for success.

The makeup of an implementation team will vary for every business, depending on the unique needs of your business and the scale of implementation.

Additionally, be sure all payment or billing arrangements have been made to all delivered services.

Any vendor who’s highly valued and paid on time will want to work with your organization on any new projects well into the future.

It’s also crucial that these champions are aligned with each other and the system administrator.

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Consider hosting workshops to ensure alignment and keep everyone informed on updates and changes to the software implement plan.Larger businesses might need what Westfall calls an extended team that can champion the new system for their unique business unit.“[The extended team] should include an IT lead to handle needs and concerns surrounding configuration and integration with other systems, along with a small sample of end users (e.g., employees, customers, channel partners) for testing and feedback.” Each member of this extended team should assume the position of system champion for their business unit—they’ll be the point person for answering system questions, training on additional features and onboarding new hires.Whether you are planning a corporate meeting, training or business event of any kind, planning how to manage a project effectively can be time consuming and —let's be real—a tedious affair.That is exactly why it’s essential to have a thorough implementation plan that will serve as a blueprint for achieving your event's success and to seek outsourced partners with specialization in areas in which your team is not able to execute.You’ll sleep easier knowing you have a helping-hand just a phone call away!Whether it’s your first time managing a project or you're a seasoned professional, one thing remains the same: Advance planning is the key to success!As you’re putting all of these pieces together, be sure you’re adhering to your original schedule.Unless a plan or resource is critical to the established goals don’t spend too much time in any one area.To determine your needs, identify how many business units will be using the new system and estimate of the total number of users.The more business units/users adopting the software, the larger you’ll want your implementation team to be.


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