Business Planning Examples

If you want to open a pharmacy in a small town that currently has no pharmacy, the competition in your industry is very different than if you want to open a pharmacy in a metropolis that already has a pharmacy on nearly every corner and additional branches in every supermarket. Maybe you offer free delivery or online ordering that will set you apart in the industry.

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If you’re writing a plan for a business expansion, include Business History in one section.

The backbone of a business plan starts with the business owner’s objectives and the potential success of the business based on current and future market analysis.

A strategic business plan brings all levels of the business into the big picture, inspiring employees to work together to create a successful culmination to the company’s goals.

A feasibility business plan answers two primary questions about a proposed business venture: who, if anyone, will purchase the service or product a company wants to sell, and if the venture can turn a profit.

Separate the information into categories with clear headings.

You can add categories depending on the type of business you’re starting, but standard business plan headings include Objectives, Market Analysis, Industry Predictions, Experience and Knowledge, Customer Benefit, Operations, Short and Long-Term Goals and Financing.

Your business plan serves the same purpose; it identifies your market, analyzes the industry and factors in probable costs and profits.

Keep it brief, keep it truthful and back up your logic with figures. Use everyday language and outline your plan, grouping similar ideas under the same headings. A banker or investor doesn’t have time to wade through lengthy explanations.

Writing a good business plan is more than just jotting down goals for your new business and estimating how much money you’ll make.

Developing a business plan is like test-driving a new car; when you know what’s under the hood, how the car handles around corners and how quickly it accelerates, you can make an informed purchase.


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