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Depression thrashes one mercilessly against the rocks one moment, only to suffocate one with silent, infinite waves the next.

Depression thrashes one mercilessly against the rocks one moment, only to suffocate one with silent, infinite waves the next.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that a personal statement should contain, at its core, an argument.

We don’t mean an argument in the same way you might write a debate or an SAT essay – there’s no need for a rigid evidence and analysis structure here.

However, you are setting forth a case to the office of undergraduate admissions at your school of choice that you’ll contribute substantially to their community; by telling your story, highlighting your personal strengths, and displaying how you’ve grown into the person you are today, you are essentially that you’re a great candidate for admission.

Like any great argument, your personal statement should contain the same rhetorical strategies you would employ when trying to write a persuasive essay or speech.

Consider the example below: Anaphora is extremely effective in emphasizing a specific emotion or idea.

The deliberate repetition is dramatic and emotionally moving, an obvious superior alternative to the awkwardness and dullness of rewording the same idea in different ways repeatedly in order to avoid reusing the same words.These constraints can leave many struggling to fit what they want to say in so few words.But what many fail to realize when writing personal statements is that admissions officers are evaluating more than just the story you have to tell.Below are a few of our favorite rhetorical devices and how you can use them to set your essay apart.A conceit is a metaphor that extends throughout the length of a piece of writing.Anecdotes can be intense, humorous, tragic, joyful – no matter what they describe, they are a guaranteed way to catch a reader’s attention and offer an alternative to beginning with a sentence like, “all my life, I’ve loved playing soccer.” Using anecdotes becomes crucial in light of one of the paradoxical truths about writing: people are always able to relate their own experiences to detailed and personal writing rather than universal and bland writing, despite the fact that universal writing will apply to an audience in a more literal sense.Anaphora is the repeated use of a certain word or phrase at the beginning of separate sentences or clauses.Make sure that you’re balancing original and variegated writing with this rhetorical device if you want to maximize your impact.Allusion is a reference to something that is well known, whether that be a person, place, thing, or event.Consider opening and closing your essay with 2-4 sentences relating to your conceit, and make sure the tone throughout your essay is consistent too.Another engaging, memorable way to open an essay is with a personal anecdote, or story.


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