Can You Use I In A College Essay

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While there may be a place to talk about them—for instance, if you had to quit an activity because of a sports injury, you may want to explain in the additional information section—, it’s better to develop a more original topic for your essay.

My brother wrote his essay about failing his driving test.

For tips on developing your own metaphor, check out and pet death are so common that adcoms’ eyes will glaze over the second they see them.

Plus, these topics don’t really capture bigger-picture trials and may make you seem unworldly.

If you’ve taken time off or personal issues have impacted your grades and schoolwork, you should explain it in your application.

Science Ethics Essay Questions - Can You Use I In A College Essay

However, take care to do it in the right section and in a way that portrays you in the most positive light possible.

Browse through these guides and get the essentials.

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Some issues may be better left to the additional information section.

The purpose of your essay is to paint a picture of who you are.


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