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It was Maslow, however, who used the term humanistic psychology as a direct contrast to behaviorism and psychoanalysis.And it was Maslow who contacted some friends, in 1954, in order to begin meetings that led to the creation of the American Association for Humanistic Psychology.

In at least one important way, Rogers’ career was similar to that of Sigmund Freud.

As he began his clinical career, he found that the techniques he had been taught were not very effective.

Given these interests, and in keeping with family tradition, Rogers enrolled in the University of Wisconsin-Madison to study scientific agriculture (De Carvalho, 1991; Thorne, 2003).

During his first year of college, Rogers attended a Sunday morning group of students led by Professor George Humphrey.

His Thematic Apperception Test was one of the first psychological tests applied outside of a therapeutic setting, and it provided the basis for studying the need for achievement (something akin to a learned form of self-actualization).

Carl Rogers is the psychologist many people associate first with humanistic psychology, but he did not establish the field in the way that Freud established psychoanalysis.Rogers found it difficult to explain what he had learned, but he felt quite passionately about it: …the real meaning of a word can never be expressed in words, because the real meaning would be the thing itself.If one wishes to give such a real meaning he should put his hand over his mouth and point. I would willingly throw away all the words of this manuscript if I could, somehow, effectively point to the experience which is therapy.So, he began experimenting with his own ideas, and developing his own therapeutic approach.As that approach developed, so did a unique theory of personality that aimed at explaining the effectiveness of the therapy.He continued to learn, however, becoming something of an expert on the large moths that lived in the area.In addition, his father encouraged the children to develop their own ventures, and Rogers and his brothers raised a variety of livestock.It is a process, a thing-in-itself, an experience, a relationship, a dynamic… ix; Rogers, 1951) Carl Ransom Rogers was born on January 8, 1902, in Chicago, Illinois.His parents were well-educated, and his father was a successful civil engineer.The more his family teased him, the more he retreated into a lonely world of fantasy.He sought consolation by reading books, and he was well above his grade level for reading when he began school.


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