Causes Of The War Of Independence Essay

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The first person that Tecumseh came across was William Hull who had sent scouts to analyze Lake Erie.Tecumseh ambushed these troops and assumed that that there were many more Americans, halting the Fort Maiden assault so the British group, under heavily experienced Isaac Brock, could arrive and assist in holding down their position.

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The Americans rose in revolt against their British Colonialists; against their oppressive system of govern­ment and exploitation.

The king placed taxes known as Townsend Acts, on the colonist’s tea, paper, paint, lead, glass, and many other items that were used daily and the colonists were against this taxing.

The purpose of the Townsend Acts was to help pay the cost of government in America.

Lawyer James Otis and other colonist rebels referred to King George as a tyrant. “The very act of taxing exercised over those who are not represented appears to me to be depriving them of one of their most essential rights as freemen, and if continued seems to be in effect and entire disfranchisement of every civil right.” James Otis’s point of view seemed to express concerns for the civil and constitutional rights and liberties of the colonists.

As stated by James Otis in The Rights of the British Colonies Asserted and Proved (1763), . The problem for many American colonists was not that taxes were high (the taxes were actually quite low, particularly compared with those paid by ordinary citizens of Britain), but that the colonies were not consulted about the new taxes, as they had no representation in Parliament.


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