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On the eastern side, there was a fine solid gateway with brick masonry of pointed double arches.The gate was secured by heavy double doors, the hinges of which were seated in holes pierced in solid stone blocks.

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The name Dimapur is derived from the Kachari language; Di means "water", ma means "large" and pur (sanskritised word) means "city", translating to "Big-river-city", associated with the meaning of "Kachari" which is "people of the river valley" and after the river which flows through it (Dhansiri).

There are two accounts of the way in which Dimapur got its name : many writers are of the opinion that the name ’ Dimapur’ was derived from Dimasa Kachari words Di-meaning water, Ma-meaning big and Pur-meaning city or township in the Dimasa dialect; while others contend that Dimapur is a corruption of Hidimbapur, meaning the city of Hidimbi (of Mahabharata fame) - the rakshasi-turned-woman whose marriage to the Pandava prince Bhima led to the birth of Ghatotkacha - believed to be the progenitor of the Kacharis.

Inside the fortified city, there were seventeen ornamental stone pillars.

These funerary monuments were decorated with carvings of foliage, flowers, familiar animals and birds.

At both ends of the battlement there were turrets of half quadrant shape and in between the archway and the turrets were niches resembling ornamental windows.

High up, on either side of the arch, were carvings of sunflowers, which were originally faced with brass so as to present a dazzling spectacle when seen sparkling in the sun from afar.

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