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Jesus affirms this in the New Testament from the book of (Luke and John ).

In the social perspective, Christology is significant more so after reading the Old Testament because someone can identify the real picture about the richness of Jesus Christ as depicted in the New Testament (Chow, 2016).

The book marks out Christ and expresses his love for the Church.

Most of the prophets were able to see and went on to speak about his glory like in (John ).

Isaiah (chapter 53) says that Jesus will establish an individual Kingdom through his death and suffering.

The other prophets also speak about Jesus Christ from their own means just as Peter confirms that they will do in the book of (Acts -25).From (Hebrews -26), it is evident that the Son of God was incarnated for about 4000 years after the Fall, but the elect people of God were aware of him, had full trust in him, endured some reproach for the sake of Jesus and also looked forward to seeing him as it is in (John ).The elect people of God also had justice in Him just as the New Testament in (Romans -25) laments.From the historical-critical perspective, Jeremiah presents Jesus as the Lord of our Righteousness in the book of Jeremiah 23:6.Ezekiel, on the other hand, develops and acclimates the theme of worship as the Spirit that addresses some current circumstances.The impact of Christology is that it helps us to learn about matters that deal with Resurrection, Incarnation and the human and the divine nature of Christ.There can never be a New Testament Christology without the Old Testament.The benefits of this were revealed and signified from the Seed of a Woman from the beginning of the World.” The son of God appears to have experienced various prophecies.Daniel (2014) argues that most of the prophets of the Old Testament had spoken about Jesus Christ. For instance, from the book of (Genesis 16:7, Joshua -15 and Exodus ), it is evident that before Christ clothed himself with the nature of the prophets, he had already made some appearances (Daniels, 2014).It also tries to clarify the systematic meaning of the scriptural depiction of Jesus Christ.From a brief look at the Old Testament, it is evident that “The work of Redemption was not wrought by Jesus until after his incarnation.


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