Chun Yu Xin Dissertation

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A qualitative investigation of diverse economic practices within community supported agriculture and community supported enterprise Wiehe, Elsa M (2013) Racialized spaces in teacher discourse: A critical discourse analysis of place-based identities in Roche Bois, Mauritius Williams, Pamela Lagergren (2013) A multidirectional Memory Approach to Representations of Colonization, Racism, and Genocide in Literature Xiao, Sheng (2013) Dynamic secrets in communication security Yang-Handy, Angela Kathryn (2013) Preparing visually-impaired people in the Philippines for mainstream employment: Perceptions of the impact of ICT accessibility Yang, Jin (2013) Experimental and computational studies of aqueous-phase hydrogenation of biorenewable aromatic chemicals Yao, Li (2013) Self-assembly of block copolymers for the fabrication of functional nanomaterials Yetis Bayraktar, Ayse (2013) Parents' socioeconomic class position and children's time use patterns Yoon, Ilsang (2013) Bayesian anatomy of galaxy structure Yucesoy, Burcu (2013) Replica exchange Monte Carlo simulations of the ising spin glass: Static and dynamic properties Yu, Xi (2013) Assembly of surface engineered nanoparticles for functional materials Yu, Xunyi (2013) Hybrid radio frequency and video framework for identity-aware augmented perception in disaster management and assistive technologies Zajac, Timothy W (2013) The everyday feast: Recreational consumption and social status in early modern English drama Zdybel, Rose M (2013) R&D portfolio analysis of low carbon energy technologies to reduce climate change mitigation costs Zencirci, F.

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Maccabee, Chinese PDF A study of the standardization of Chinese writing/, Ying Wang, Chinese PDF Reinventing the wheel or creating a tale's genealogy?

:: a comparison of twelve versions of the tale of Mulan/, Julie Anne Lohr, Chinese PDF The variegated blossoms :: studies on the children characters in the literary productions of Chi Zijian/, Xuebo Sun, Chinese PDF The images of Jiangnan in Zhao Mengfu's (1254-1322) poetry/, Li E, Chinese PDF Uniting the ancestors :: Cheng Minzheng (1445-1499) and the creation of the Comprehensive Genealogy of the Xin'an Cheng (Xin'an Chengshi Tongzong Shipu)/, Neil E.

Liu, Chinese PDF THE PHONOLOGICAL CHARACTERITICS AND THE HISTORICAL STRATA OF THE QIANJIANG DIALECT, Liyan Luo, Chinese PDF The Reflexes of Middle Chinese Zhi and Zhao Initials in Modern Mandarin and Wu Dialect, Yu-jung Liang, Chinese PDF Study on Shan Gui: From Religious Text to Visual Representations, Le Lu, Chinese PDF The History of the Introduction of Chinese Language and Culture into the American Higher Education System, Chelsea H.

Nakabayashi, Chinese PDF The Foundations of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language: An Investigation of Late 19th Century Textbooks, Lena Pearson, Chinese PDF The plural forms of personal pronouns in Modern Chinese, Baoying Qiu, Chinese PDF A Translation of Qiu Miaojin's "The Crocodile Diaries", Alexandra Valencik, Chinese PDF The Use of Multimedia Material in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language and Pedagogical Implications, Zhongyuan Williams, Chinese PDF Dialects into Films----The Element of “Dialect” in Chinese Films, Shun Yao, Chinese PDF The Comparison Of Meaning-inferred, Meaning-given, And Sentence Translation Methods For Chinese Vocabulary Teaching, Yani Zeng, Chinese PDF A Comparative Study of the Effectiveness of Input-based Activities And Output-based Activities on the Acquisition of Chinese Language, Xiaolei Zhang, Chinese PDF A Diachronic and Synchronic Examination of the Disposal Construction in Min and Mandarin Chinese, Chunching Chang, Chinese PDF The Artist as Creator: The Theory of Art in Du Fu's Poems about Paintings, James H.

H (2012) Leveraging relational representations for causal discovery Ray Pitambar Mohapatra, Satyanarayan (2012) Searches for gravitational waves from binary black hole coalescences with ground-based laser interferometers across a wide parameter space Rebello, Joseph T (2012) Money, reality, and value: Non-commodity money in Marxian political economy Remelius, Jebb G (2012) Adaptations to stride patterns and head movements during walking in persons with and without multiple sclerosis Riddle, Matthew (2012) Three essays on oil scarcity, global warming and energy prices Robinson, Elizabeth A (2012) Research as praxis in ESL teacher education Rodrigues, Cecilia Paiva Ximenes (2012) No círculo do uroboro: Articulações identitárias na narrativa de Milton Hatoum Romang, Alvin Horatio (2012) Enhanced mechanical performance of low dielectric constant thin films synthesized in supercritical carbon dioxide, and SANS studies of microemulsions induced or destabilized by compressed carbon dioxide Romano Chernac, Fabian B (2012) Structural studies of membrane-assembled Pop D and Pop B, the Pseudomonas aeruginosa type 3 secretion translocators Rosensweig, Elisha J (2012) On the analysis and management of cache networks Rotaru, Camelia (2012) 1.

Microbial characterization at a site exposed to highway runoff and deicing agents 2.

Jean, Adam Thomas (2012) Engineering a bacterial toxin delivery system for the targeted treatment of solid tumors Szado, Edward (2012) Issues in option-based risk management Tang, Lin (2012) A formative program evaluation of treatment integrity practices, assessments and attitudes within a specialized school setting Tanguay, Allison J (2012) New bilinear estimates for quadratic-derivative nonlinear wave equations in 2 1 dimensions Thurber, Carrie S (2012) The evolutionary genetics of seed shattering and flowering time, two weed adaptive traits in US weedy rice Tokle, Tanushree (2012) Design and fabrication of functional lipid nanoparticles based on control of interfacial properties using biopolymers Toley, Bhushan J (2012) Microtechnologies for mimicking tumor-imposed transport limitations and developing targeted cancer therapies Trivette, Shawn A (2012) Farm-to-fork: Understanding locally-oriented farm-to-vendor food systems: Access, boundaries, and power-relations Tudryn, Patrick R (2012) Examining perceptions of practices and the roles of special education leaders through the distributed leadership lens Twardy, Maria (2012) Enrique Anderson Imbert—Escritor de cuentos fantásticos Valdiviezo Arista, Luis Martin (2012) Afro-Peruvian perspectives and critiques of intercultural education policy Vanasse, Jared J (2012) Parity violation in neutron deuteron scattering in pionless effective field theory van Over, Brion (2012) “Beyond words”: Exploring the cultural limits of the communicable Velazquez-Delgado, Elih M (2012) Allosteric regulation of caspase-6 proteolytic activity Verma, Anurag (2012) Modeling the free energy functional at the fluid-solid transition in classical many-particle systems Walkow, Martin (2012) Goals, big and small Wallingford, Mary Catherine (2012) Characterization of the roles of Yy1 in early embryonic development in the mouse Wang, Le (2012) Mechanisms of pathology in equine laminitis: Versican depletion from basal epithelial cells and suppressed canonical wnt signaling Wani, Khursheed Ahmad (2012) Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Dopamine Signaling in Caenorhabditis elegans Watson, Jamal E (2012) Ethel Payne: The First Lady of the Black Press: Black Journalism and Its Advocacy Role from 1954–1991 Wei, Xinyu (2012) Using click chemistry to modify block copolymers and their morphologies Wilkie, Kenna M.

K (2012) Compound-specific hydrogen isotopes of lipid biomarkers in Lake El'gygytgyn, NE Russia Williams, Teeomm K (2012) Understanding internalized oppression: A theoretical conceptualization of internalized subordination Wu, Kai (2012) Modeling and planning distributed energy systems online Xue, Xiaobing (2012) Modeling reformulation as query distributions Xu, Yisheng (2012) Selective interactions of proteins with polyelectrolytes and nanoparticles: Binding, adsorption, coacervation, and inhibition of aggregation Xu, Zhun (2012) The political economy of agrarian change in the People's Republic of China Yan, Tingxin (2012) Designing novel mobile systems by exploiting sensing, user context, and crowdsourcing Yesilyurt, Volkan (2012) Design and synthesis of stimuli-sensitive dendritic supramolecular assemblies Yogeeswaran, Kumar (2012) The devil's in the details: Abstract vs.

": Exploring identity through a micro-ethnographic analysis of lunchtime interactions with four Somali third grade students Koshy, Seena Smitha (2013) Differences between bacterial chemotaxis receptor signaling states revealed by a novel hydrogen exchange mass spectrometry approach Kumar, Akshat (2013) Exploiting domain structure in multiagent decision-theoretic planning and reasoning Kustigian, Brett M (2013) Mission Driven Educational Leadership—Does It Matter?

Examining the Correlations Between District Mission and Student Achievement Labbe, Nicole Jeanne (2013) Determining detailed reaction kinetics for nitrogen- and oxygen-containing fuels Labrador, Angela M (2013) Shared heritage: An anthropological theory and methodology for assessing, enhancing, and communicating a future-oriented social ethic of heritage protection La France, Denise La Voie (2013) Systems of accountability as a technology of governmentality: Policy, preparation, and inclusive practice Laguilles, Jerold S (2013) What kind of alumni do low-income students become?


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