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Being introduced to a comparative essay for the first time, it is not surprising that many students encounter difficulties in structuring their writing.

- What are the main similarities and differences and how can I link them together? Once you have thoughtfully considered these questions, you are one step closer to piecing together your essay!

) your body paragraphs will need to address both text A and text B.

Name one of them “Similarities,” and the other one can be called “Differences.” As the name says, in the form of a list, note down each and every point you can think of into an appropriate column. But if for any reason you need a helping hand, feel free to either contact your supervisor or our cheap essay writers.

After your lists are ready, look through all the points. These services are very popular among students, especially international learners because they write custom papers according to their specific needs.

This will work exceptionally well if you have little to say about each subject because, basically, each paragraph will be describing how a certain point corresponds to both subjects.

Following this pattern, your structure may look as follows: Subject-by-Subject Pattern This one will divide the main body of your paper into two blocks.No matter what your major is, you’ll definitely reach a point where you will have to write a comparison essay.If analysis never was your strong suit, then this article will be of great use to you.Leave only significant ones that can be backed up with solid arguments and then sort everything out. You can use these papers as perfect examples to help you with your own paper.Weak arguments should come first, and should then be followed by stronger ones, leaving the most persuasive argument for the final part of your essay. Or you can ask us to write your custom argumentative essay or any other type of paper.- Why did the authors choose to write about a specific setting/context?Were they directly involved in the social/political issues explored in the texts themselves?Think of a good hook sentence and then state your thesis. Main Body Here is where you state your points and elaborate on your arguments. Subject-by-subject comparison is a good method to use if one needs to use “lens” comparison.It is usually used when one subject is your main topic, but the other subject is used only as a tool for better understanding of the main topic.


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