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The main idea here is to carefully analyze how two or more things are the same or different.

The main idea here is to carefully analyze how two or more things are the same or different.

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If you go for the integrated structure, you should explain each of the poems' themes in the same paragraphs, while ensuring that each of the main body paragraphs has a different theme.

And lastly, if you opt for the alternating or side-by-side analysis, keep in mind that in the first and second paragraphs you should explain the poems' similarities, whereas in the third and fourth you should focus on their differences.

This type of essay may be very helpful in decision-making or shedding light on the less important information your readers are well aware of.

In order to create an excellent essay, we need to establish what a compare and contrast essay is first.

The thesis is an important part of the introduction, so it is not to be neglected by the student.

Students often wonder how to write a thesis for a compare and contrast essay because they simply do not understand what the thesis statement is.In the process of writing a compare and contrast essay, the student should concentrate on analyzing the differences and similarities between the two subjects they picked to explore.However, they should bear in mind that it isn't just about indicating how the topics are the same or different but rather raising an argument that is both meaningful and compelling to the audience.Usually, the requirements for the comparison and contrast essay can be different, depending on the type of topic given or chosen.As a rule, you are supposed to analyze two or more topics by pointing out the differences and similarities between them and drawing a conclusion at the end.Here, like in any other essay, you start with a first paragraph, which in this case is called the compare and contrast essay introduction and comprises three parts.Hook - introduces the topic and engages the reader in continuing reading the essay.Your overall goal here is to clear out misunderstandings, inform the reader of what they are not aware of, and support your argument with facts.You need to make sure that your audience understands how the compared subjects are interconnected and also provide an attention grabber to capture their focus and draw them in.Brainstorming and researching the subjects well is absolutely essential because that way you can learn about their similarities and differences.Gather as much information as you can, including what you think irrelevant or unnecessary information, which can be filtered out later.


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