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Patrick was of a noble birth, he was a Roman citizen.

At about the near age of 16 he was captured by barbaric Irish pirates and taken to Ireland where he served as a slave tending to the sheep.

Firstly He was born in Great Britain nearing the end of the fourth century.

Patricks story is a quite dramatized one, it speaks about the great things he has passed through. Patrick was one of the first and most influential missionaries to Ireland, bravely entering this superstitious and violent country to bring the healing balm of the gospel.

Antony, who gave up even the most innocent pleasures to live as a hermit in the desert.

During Augustine's lifetime, there were numerous examples of old-line Roman aristocrats who, upon conversion, gave away their wealth to the poor and the Church, lived voluntarily in celibate marriages, and withdrew from Roman society to dedicate their entire lives to the contemplation of God.

During this time an outlined map of Ireland was identified with the forest of foclut near the western sea.

Here a childhood confession he made before he became a deacon returned to haunt him.

Knowing our roots simply means to be grounded in the faith of Jesus.

One of the most notable features of the Confessions, and one that has fascinated — or perhaps titillated — readers through the centuries is Augustine's honesty about his sexual career.


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