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Villain setup) and the subtler kinds of confrontation (a romance or a family drama, for instance).

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But there’s plenty more external conflict examples in our Muggle world, too.

In , for instance, Jay Gatsby must go against Tom Buchanan to capture Daisy Buchanan’s attention.

If you picture your story as a building, a good struggle isn’t going to be several gusts of wind that batters a couple of windows.

It should be that storm that makes a building shake from its very foundations.

But characters were battling technology way back when.

In fact, you can trace it all the way back to Mary Shelley‘s 1818 , in which a chemist needs to fight his own creation: a monster born out of science. It goes without saying that your conflict will affect not only your plot, but also almost every other important element of your story: your characters, theme, tone, and setting. That’s because who and what we entangle with isn’t just the stuffing for embarrassing Thanksgiving-dinner stories: it’s the that drives every narrative forward.A word of caution: writing good conflict doesn’t mean cramming in as much of it as possible.How would a thirty-second fight over who’s taking out the trash move the needle, for instance?In this case, “society” could involve an oppressive government, adults as seen from a teenager’s perspective, a corrupt police force — any larger group of people that makes the protagonist realize that they don’t neatly fit into the world’s mold for them.So they struggle in various ways against society’s expectations, something that often trips into outright rebellion. By virtue of the genre, we often see a character fighting a society that’s obviously deranged: take ) surface as antagonists. Kurt Vonnegut once said that every story is about a character who gets into trouble and then tries to get out of it.In that sense, figuring out your central conflict is one of the most important things you’ll do as a writer.They could revolve around the relationship between two characters — or stem from one character’s private desire to start an alpaca farm, instead of going to college.Just remember that a well-written internal conflict or external conflict will always make the protagonist confront their fears and bring their values into focus.


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