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CPB’s first strategic priority is to secure the federal appropriation because the federal investment through CPB is the foundation on which the entire public media system is built.Without the federal appropriation, small towns and rural communities across the country could lose access to public media content and services, as the stations serving those communities do not have the donor base from which to raise the funds necessary to sustain service.Through these strategic priorities, CPB seeks to meet the challenges and realize the opportunities that are posed by the ongoing transformation of how people use media to suit their individual needs and circumstances.

collects standard financial and operational information from Grantees.

The data is provided to public broadcasting stations and national organizations to support decision-making, understand performance issues, identify improvement opportunities, and achieve defined objectives.

Three core values guide CPB in its work: Digital, Diversity, and Dialogue.

They are at the heart of CPB’s leadership role within the public media system, provide the framework for CPB’s grant-making, and help CPB, as the steward of the federal appropriation, articulate public media’s relevance to the American people.

We will also assess custom and off-the-shelf software solutions that could help us address our survey and reporting needs.

collects information from Grantees about their station’s operations to enable CPB to advocate the interests of public broadcasting, assist stations and other public broadcasting organizations with planning and evaluation, study and anticipate industry-wide trends, and calculate CSG payments.

As such, innovation and diversity must be at the center of public media’s culture.

CPB, through its leadership and investments, will continue to encourage agility within the public media system and support innovation across all platforms, and in ways that ensure public media will remain relevant in an increasingly diverse America.

Such a loss of access would ultimately have a cascading debilitating effect on the remaining stations and the national programming service.

At bottom, the loss of federal support for public broadcasting risks the collapse of the system itself.


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