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Scholarly journals are reviewed to give readers an understanding of the contribution of cultural capital made in the area of sports.

The chapter commences with broad issues concerning the topic and narrowed to focus on the study in Ghana.

Objectified cultural capital is better explained through its operation.

Examples are the interpretation of say, paintings or the ability to play instruments.

Institutional cultural capital according to Bourdieu is the official and systemized recognition accorded both embodied and objectified forms of cultural capital.

Through this system the tangible value of the capital is scaled and its extrinsic value made legitimate (Bourdieu, 1997).According to Bourdieu 1984 education through formal means is one of the key sources of cultural capital as teaches learners the intangible values associated with cultural knowledge.The nature of institutional cultural capital in supporting symbolic value shapes and improves society.This form of cultural capital and the social structure it provides makes for a personally advantaged position (Bourdieu and Wacquant, 1992).In looking at the relationship between cultural capital and social status and also showing the essence of rare highbrow cultural capital to social status, a study conducted indicated that high class socio-economic groups had access and could to relate to an array of cultural capital forms compared to the lower groups (Peterson and Kern, 1996).He mentioned that various sports are pecked differently in the social and cultural hierarchy.Wilson 2002 states that according to Bourdieu (1978; 1984) each sport requires the suitable taste and preference and a peculiar sets of skills and knowledge to partake which he calls cultural capital.As such these cultures have become building blocks in their lives and work places.This paper shall focus on cultural diversity in work places.2.2 Capital and symbolic power According to Bourdieu 1990 power is imagined as symbolic power created through discretionary values associated with various types of economic, social and cultural capital that people own.One of the crucial points that have come out strongly is the link of cultural capital to symbolic power and how this creates distinction; allowing higher social status in society through symbolic capital.


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