Cybercrime Research Paper

The purpose of this research paper is to outline and exemplify these different forms of communities.The research paper then shifts into a discussion of policy steps to reduce some forms of cybercrime.

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Second, the Internet provides a venue for fraudulent behavior (i.e., cyberfraud).

Third, the Internet has become a place for the development of cybercriminal communities.

The IFPI further estimates that 37% of all CDs purchased in 2005 were pirated, resulting in 1.2 billion illegal copies purchased worldwide.

In fact, the IFPI concludes that pirate CD sales outnumbered legitimate CD sales in 30 markets across the world and resulted in a loss of $4.5 billion from the music industry.

This is especially true for digital music piracy that is committed through a multitude of modi operandi (e.g., CD burning, peer-to-peer networks, LAN file sharing, digital stream ripping, and mobile piracy [seefor a discussion of these techniques]).

The penalties for these acts may be civil (e.g., ,000 per pirated copy) as well as criminal (e.g., possible jail sentences) (Koen & Im, 1997).Importantly, two thirds of the students surveyed still believe that it is okay to swap or illegally download software without paying for it (BSA, 2007).Since the Copyright Act of 1976, digital piracy has been a criminal act (Higgins et al., 2006).Cybercrime is a criminal act using a computer that occurs over the Internet.The Internet has become the source for multiple types of crime and different ways to perform these crimes.For instance, cybercriminals can use different Web sites to trade (i.e., buy or sell) merchandise illegally through legitimate sources (e.g., e Bay) or through illegal sites.Some of these Web sites are not able to be traced back to their original sources.Digital piracy is defined as the illegal act of copying digital goods, software, digital documents, digital audio (including music and voice), and digital video for any reason without explicit permission from and compensation to the copyright holder (Gopal et al., 2004; Higgins, Fell, &Wilson, 2006).The Internet has facilitated an increase in digital piracy in recent years.First, a prevalent activity is that of criminals stealing computers. The recent development of the Internet has created a substantial increase in criminals using computers to commit crimes.Thus, an emerging area of criminal behavior is cybercrime.


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