Dear Prospective Employer Cover Letter

Smith.” It reads a whole lot better than, “Hi,” and shows you know what’s up when it comes to corporate communication.

Chances are, if you write an awesome cover letter, you’ll get called for an interview.

It may be tempting to dish about that awesome award you won in college, or describe in vivid detail the way you single-handedly saved your last company from financial ruin. One thing that employers are looking for is whether or not you can communicate quickly and efficiently.

Remember, employers read hundreds of cover letters during the hiring process.

Social media has definitely changed the way we communicate, but digital slang hasn’t quite extended into cover letter land.

Dear Prospective Employer Cover Letter

In other words, it’s best to keep to traditional formalities when drafting any kind of written communication to a boss-to-be. There may be no two words that strike greater fear in job hunters than those that describe your written introduction to a prospective employer.That’s because when it comes to applying for jobs, the cover letter you submit with your résumé is just as – if not more – important than the background and experience listed on your résumé. We’ve compiled some tips to help you make sure your cover letter translates into employment success.That gives you enough ground to sell yourself without over-selling and losing your audience.It’s hard to condense your witty, intelligent, yet approachable personality into a couple of short paragraphs. As we’ve already discussed, employers read so many cover letters, they all start to blur together.Don’t ever forget that your cover letter is the first impression potential employers get of your skills.Sending a poorly edited and misspelled cover letter is the equivalent of wearing a powder blue suit and alligator boots to an interview – in other words, it may be memorable, but it’s the worst kind of first impression you can make.To ensure that you portray yourself in the best light, we’ve compiled our expert knowledge to create a guide on how to write the perfect cover letter.We’ve also included an example cover letter template to help you on your way to creating a successful cover letter. Cover Letter Examples & Templates Cover Letter Format How long should a cover letter be?It may help you land the interview or the job, but it will also land you in hot water when your non-existent expertise is needed on the second day of work.Let’s not kid ourselves – there should never be a time when spellcheck is not your friend.


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