Dental Office Business Plan

Dental Office Business Plan-75
Prices will be justified by the advanced technology used and the lifestyle conveniences that the dental practice will offer.The dental practice will be positioned as a place one can get high quality dental work in an environment of convenience and technology.The net profit for 2010, 20 is forecast to be 2,298, 8,285, and 3,685, respectively.

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He will sell his current home and practice and work for me until he decides to retire.

This arrangement works in both my father's and my favor.

1.0 Executive Summary COMPANY NAME located in [CITY], [STATE] is a provider of dental services to patients of all ages.

The Practice accepts patients covered by most dental insurances, including patients who are covered by Medicaid. COMPANY NAME competitive edge relates to INSERT NAME long-term professional experience, her philanthropic endeavors, and being the only area dentist who accepts Medicaid patients.

This is very important, as with many businesses, the client list and work force is the most valuable asset of a dental practice.

Also this affords me the opportunity to understand the management philosophy of the past dentist, so I will be able to make gradual changes that do not cause too much dissension from the staff.This will allow me to spend one year determining if Nebraska is where I want to live long-term and will familiarize me with the practice that I could possibly buy.After the year is over, if I am pleased with what the practice has to offer, I will buy it.If I am not satisfied with its performance, I will have spent time researching other practices that are or will be going up for sale.After approximately a year of my building up the current client base, my father, who is also a dentist, is planning to move to Nebraska to work with me as an associate.• Board member for [REGION] Development Initiative - an outreach program in the city of [CITY].• Active deacon in United Presbyterian Church COMPANY NAME is located in a 1,000 square foot professional office space in the building owned by INSERT NAME.The company's anticipated profitability analysis demonstrates that COMPANY NAME's Net Worth is expected to be 0,395 in 2010; 8,680 in 2011; and 2,365 in 2012, respectively.The goal of this business is to provide high quality general dentistry with a moderate to high price using the highest technology possible.We have chosen this general area for various reasons.The main reason being that we love all that this area has to offer in raising a family.


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