Dependence On Technology Essay

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Calculators have also become so popular in school that people can't operate without one even for doing simple calculations with their brains.Capitalist market systems has been evidenced as a very efficient and effective mode of production organization of goods causing increased labor division, but reduced distribution of wealth and social production costs.But the production processes have become more dependent on technology and less dependent on people, human labor.Introduction Dependence on technology has made us forget about some of the traditional skills.Technology is wonderful but its dependency has become so alarming and most of the traditional skills have been forgotten.Their ability to think has been lost due to the use of computers as they always give us all the information we need and also our spelling mistakes can be corrected by the computers.We also don't produce our own foods as productions of packaged foods have been mechanized.In the united states the rise of technopoly was described by Postman as one that reduces the meaning of religion, history and human life to technique and machinery, cultural life forms being submitted to technology and therefore, depriving the society of its culture, past, social purpose, tranquility and their beliefs.Unemployment According to Fred Twine (1994), Employment is usually seen as the foundation of independence in the industrial society but many are lowly paid, for some reasons unable to work or even unemployed.Some philosophers such as Hastedt (19940 and Ellul (1964, 1989) have criticized the dependence of communication technologies by the society.Ellul (1964, 1989), says that dependence on technology by humanity has developed a technicist society which has an ever- increasing intensification of power, modern melancholy that has led to abandoning, questioning and declination of values and ethics of superficial and non-power freedom that generates conflicts and tension.


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