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English is a vocabulary-rich language; multiple words can be used to describe the same subject or object.For Example, for the word “said,” you can use the following words; depending upon the situation.In physical setting, we can see that she is seated in a room with a stool under her feet.

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Descriptive essay topics are often associated with physical settings, locations, living beings and objects.

The choice of your descriptive essay topic will dictate your analysis and the description of the subject under observation.

Unlike argumentative essays, you’re not required to add the responses of others; instead, describe a place, person, situation, an object, or emotion, etc. The key is to make use of sensory details: smells, sights, sounds, touches and tastes to enable the reader to form a picture of what the writer is trying to describe. Using the right vocabulary, adjectives and adverbs, sensory details, and figurative language is fundamental to a compelling descriptive essay.

The purpose of a descriptive essay is simple: describe a person, place, thing, or event in a heavily detailed manner to form an exact picture or deliver a specific impression in the reader's mind.

A descriptive essay assignment may feel intimidating if you have an inadequate vocabulary, lack the ability to express yourself in writing, fail to understand resource materials, and don’t have a good grasp of English grammar and the rules of punctuation.

A descriptive essay is a short detailed paper summarizing a topic, describing your experiences and impressions.You won’t be able to trust any friend with your possessions.Explore those emotions and describe the feelings they arouse.Wondering what a descriptive essay topic to write a descriptive essay?Or maybe you just need help choosing the best descriptive essay topics...Your reader should come away from your descriptive essay with the same opinions and impressions of the subject matter you intended when writing it.To effectively understand the descriptive essay writing process, a clear understanding of how it differs from other essay types and a definition is in order...Be thoughtful and creative; using the right vocabulary is important.Don’t always use the first word that comes to mind.Add depth of observation and character to your descriptive essay by expressing your feelings and opinions about the subject.Carefully select the best words for describing an action or object.


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