Disadvantages Of Living In A City Essays

The only viable economic activity with a higher likelihood of succeeding in the villages is farming.

However, farming does not work much in their favor since they are just producers.

There are many career opportunities for both skilled and unskilled people.

Also, the high population in cities is very attractive to businessmen and increases the chances of businesses succeeding.

In addition, there are many entertainment and recreational venues in cities.

The city life is always busy with entertainment spots, during the day and at night.They sell their commodities as raw goods to manufacturers, which does not fetch much in comparison to the big corporations that are raking in billions of dollars from processed foods. The education system in cities are better with more skilled teachers and excellent facilities.Village schools are usually understaffed, because few teachers are willing to take their skills to the villages.The city is basically a bubbling hub of commercial activities.There is so much more money in circulation in the cities than in the villages, which increases the prospects of prosperity.The main modes of transport include road, rail and air.City dwellers therefore have various alternatives when it comes to transport.There are no advanced police forces in the villages, just a few sheriffs with poor equipment, who have to cater to all the people.The fact that the villages have poor communication systems is actually a challenge to the village folks during times of crisis, because they cannot alert the authorities in time.Village folks have to rely on strong communication boosters from the cities, which are rarely reliable.They therefore have to look for areas with network before they can communicate, which makes the whole process tiring and frustrating.


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