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These definitions demonstrate that the purpose of an induction program is to maximize the efficiency of new staff with the objective of allowing them to fit into the organization as quickly as possible.However, to ensure that this is achieved, the creation of a well structured Induction training programme should be geared to benefit not only the employee but also the organization and their goals.The authors suggest that though it is initially the responsibility of the HR department to design and formulate induction training programs, it is a best practice that the immediate managers or supervisors be the ones to carry out the actual training however, not just one person but a series of persons specialized in the field of training and department to which the employee is introduced to, example Health and Safety suggested by Mc Connell (2007).

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However, though Induction programmes are highly praised by the masses, Bailey (2002) highlights that there is a one sided view on induction programs and states that “the problem with induction is that most induction training are geared mainly to achieving the goals of the organization and further to this she adds that, “these types of induction training tends to be full of formal legislative information and most individual will absorb little and retain less”.

Though these statements seems true to some extent, Karve (2010) states that, “The aim of induction training is to facilitate seamless integration of newly inducted employees into an organization by achieving harmony and a sense of alignment between individual values and organizational values”.

Fink (2009) defines a Literature Review as “a systematic, explicit and reducible method for identifying, evaluation and synthesizing the existing body of completed and recorded work produced by researchers, scholars and practitioners”. (2009) further states that reviewing literature provides the foundation on which any research is built due to the fact that it is used to help develop a good understanding and insight into trends that have emerged.

They further stated that any review is for either two (2) purpose Deductive and Inductive approach.

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It also contributes to staff retention as the new employee feel valued.

Goyal (2007) adds that induction is important as it exposes the new recruit to the organization’s philosophy, employee’s rights, responsibilities, culture and values, as well as the physical environment.

An organization set amidst its competitors seeks to outperform and stand out as number one amongst them all.

However, the diversity of company’s structures and cultures in our society today as well as the dynamic changes made and continue to be made due to the globalization process has harnessed an era where the adoption of new styles and behaviors poses to be a source of constant threat for organizations.


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