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But part of it was also grounded in a core component of the American Dream that was true.

But part of it was also grounded in a core component of the American Dream that was true.

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One aspect of it was something of a pure fantasy; the other held a grain of truth.

The unrealistic aspect of the America Dream was a product of exaggeration in which two ideas were prominent. The political aspect of the Dream was often communicated to people at home by family members who, newly arrived and not understanding how the system really worked, would send letters home extolling an idealized vision of American political life.

With a luck, hard work, and ethnic solidarity most people were able to make a go of it, and their children tended to do even better.

That the American Dream really and truly offered hope, that it was not wholly illusory, was surely part of its potency and this core of truth lead many across the waters to take the chance of coming here.

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By clicking “Accept and Continue” below, (1) you consent to these activities unless and until you withdraw your consent using our rights request form, and (2) you consent to allow your data to be transferred, processed, and stored in the United States.This is as odd and inaccurate a description of the realities of 19th century American political life as one could wish for.The economic component of the American Dream was often even more exaggeratedly optimistic than the political, this being so because politically attuned people were often more educated than people who were simply viewing America through the lens of economic desperation.It is the degree of realism respecting the Dream that has changed.The modern immigrant, even the ones who are impoverished and uneducated, have a better sense of what they will find here when they make the decision to come here. The modern, globalized, media connected world—and the fact that the American media dominance extends almost everywhere in the world—gives prospective immigrants a much better picture of what things are like here than was possible in the 19th century.One German immigrant wrote his wife, “Poverty is not shameful in America, and purses are not worshipped in political life.Civil virtue is not bought with money and not lost with the loss of property” (quoted in Levine 54).Jurgis Rudkus, the protagonist of Upton Sinclair’s novel-documentary, came from rural Lithuania, and had “never seen a city, and scarcely even a fair-sized town” before coming to America.The rural peasants of Europe and China were not exposed to a great deal of real information about America and thus their ideas of the American Dream often bore little relation to economic reality.The essay should start with a something concrete (an object, an event, an experience, a person, a trend, etc.) and, from there, you will draw an inference, a conclusion, about the American Dream or American Experience in general.Observe something specific and concrete in your life or in the lives of Americans, and you will analyze the details of that “thing” and draw inferences of the greater implications and significance (the “so what”).


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