Ending A Scholarship Essay

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Once you have an arc determined and a story to share, think about what you want that story to say about you.

This is where it can help to think of this as something you would share on a date - what impression does it make about you to the reader?

Think of a small anecdote or story from your life that you could share that serves as a microcosm of who you are and what is important to you.

It will massively help you narrow this down and find a gem of a story if you first start by thinking about your application arc or theme.

Once you know this, start showing, not telling this attribute of yourself through your story.

I'll elaborate more on the overused and ambiguous aphorism on showing not telling later, but it basically means that instead of saying that you're compassionate toward others, you show an example of a time you were compassionate, then elaborate on why, and what it means to you.This same phenomenon holds with a lot of classic characters in works by authors from Dickens, Dumas, and Shakespeare to Alfred Hitchcock and JK Rowling.Heck the tv show Lost was basically built entirely on this literary device.The situations, dialog, and other clues fill in the details as the story progresses.For example, Rick in Casablanca is shrouded in mystery for most of the movie.Nearly every one of his scenes shows something new about his past, his ethics, his motivations.The viewer is hanging on every detail, driven by curiosity and the character's charm and charisma.You start off with a sentence that ties it to the previous paragraph.Then you restate your main idea and elaborate on it.This is a great remedy for mounting college debt and other costs.In this article, I will tell you exactly how to answer this question and maximize your chances of getting the scholarship.


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