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Character Symbols The most obvious examples of symbolism in are Old Major, Napoleon, and Snowball, symbolizing Marx, Stalin, and Trotsky, respectively. Jones, of course, represents the last czar of Russia, Nicholas II, who was overthrown during the Russian Revolution.

His vision consists of a farm ruled by animals, in which there are no people around to rule the animals and oppress them.

Old Major dies three days later, but the animals on the farm decide to build on his vision.

When Boxer dies, Napoleon sells his body to the glue maker.

Napoleon subsequently begins breaking every rule on the barn wall, but Squealer, his publicity spokesman, explains everything away with smooth talk.

Napoleon and Snowball The parallels between Napoleon and Stalin, and Snowball and Trotsky, are relatively straightforward.

At the beginning, the two pigs lead the revolution against Mr.

Napoleon, named after a non-Communist dictator, is obviously looking out only for himself.

He even sells his most loyal worker, Boxer, to the glue maker, in order to get more money for himself.

Like most dictators, he focuses on the young, represented by the pack of dogs Napoleon raises into vicious beasts, ready to harm or kill anyone who speaks out against him.

He takes others’ ideas and claims them as his own, which is why he has to rearrange history in order to claim that the windmill was his idea, not Snowball’s.


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