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If possible , I check out my College inbox for any important emails and notices.I usually spend a quick TSR check too : D I usually have my breakfast and then wash up.

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Year of Study: AS year (1st) in college Subjects of Study: Psychology, Sociology, English Lit and Biology Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: I get up at 6am, actually thats a lie, my alarm goes of at 6, i wake up at 6.27 (sounds strange but my alarm goes of in snoozes of 9 min intervals)... First Lesson I had Psychology which is 9-10.30, the longest lesson of the day- we just worked on our assignment thats in in a couple of weeks, was alright.

I then get up and get ready, normally fall in my wardrobe whilst trying to find something to wear, I then put all my books in my bag, eat some breakfast, and leave for the bus at 7.28- the bus then comes at 7.35, I get in to town for 8.35 and walk to college which takes twentyish minutes, normally get there for 10/5 to 9. Second lesson 10.45-11.45- I had a free this lesson, from 10.45-11.30 I went to the library and did my sociology homework that is in tommorow so I didnt have to do it tonight, good times.

To be honest there isn't a single thing that I like most about college. :) One of my faves have to be the fact that everyone is nice. :) In addition to this I have to say that the support is fantastic!

You also have a sort of "Organised Spontaneity" with your day.

Update: Yep, I stuffed my face after I reached home and now I'm on the laptop...

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day college life? Firstly, the atmosphere at college is a lot better than secondary's since everyone's more grown up and mature, and there aren't little year 7s/8s doing your head in.It's structured but you never know what is going to happen the next day.:) I would recommend Harrow College to any prospective student.I then went and got a can of cherry coke and headed up to my next lesson.Lesson three, 12-1, was biology, it was quite good, my teachers become obsessed with these new 'reward card' things, I learnt about lungs!After all of that , I make sure that I have my Oyster Card and leave the house.I try to leave as early as possible (IE: Before ) because travelling to Harrow is a bit of a pain at times (Especially on more than one bus!I then had double english from 2 - its meant to be until half 4 with a half hour break at 3, but we worked through it so we could go early- good times ...OH actually, at about 2.20 there was a fire alarm test which was annoying as it was raining outside, and then I had to walk back up to 9th floor again.Also, I quite like my subject choices and I'm not regretting picking them, so that's a plus. The free periods I get are so cool and you can get quite a lot of work done, if you're not messing about.You get treated more like an adult at college, rather than a kid, and you usually don't get told off for something minor, like, wearing your coat/scarf in class. And last but not the least, I get to see my friends most of the days.


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