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I had friends that had only one parent, and they were usually getting into trouble.When there is only one parent in the family, the people that the children hang around with become their role models.

Some of my friends, who had divorced parents, would tell me that they felt anger towards the parent who left them, because they felt abandoned. ...m had her in her early twenties and the dad wanted nothing to do her and threatened my mom.

It is not unusual for somebody to feel that way, especially when the only parent they live with is out working. My dad adopted Haley when she was very young and he stepped up and took the father role.

It is not quiet clear if what is the percentage of broken family in the Philippines, but as per estimation it consist at least 5 to 15%.

A broken family refers to a family that has gone through a separation, abandonment or divorce leaving the children with only one parent instead of the much needed two.

For children, divorce is not a onetime event, but a continued process.

Essay Effect Broken Home

This is a traumatic experience for the children because it leaves them feeling alone, as if nobody in the world cares about them.

It’s hard for a divorced mom or dad to work and be able to have time for their children. It takes a very special person to adopt some other mans kid and raise them as their own.

I am forever thankful for my dad for adopting Haley and being so good with her and accepting her as his own.

In most broken homes older children are forced to grow up faster and take on more responsibility around the house. By starting from the beginning and getting married first and staying together permantly we can stop the disastrous effects of the broken family.

After a divorce children from pre-school through late adolescence tend to experience the most of their problems in emotional development (Anderson "The Effect of a Broken Family on Development"). Two people shouldn’t come together in hopes to start a family unless they are both already to fully commit to each other and the babies they wish to have.


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