Essay Of Frederick Douglass Life

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At Freeland’s, Douglass also forms a plan of escape with three fellow slaves with whom he is close.

Someone betrays their plan to Freeland, however, and Douglass and the others are taken to jail.

White workers have been working alongside free black workers, but the whites have begun to fear that the increasing numbers of free blacks will take their jobs.

Though only an apprentice and still a slave, Douglass encounters violent tactics of intimidation from his white coworkers and is forced to switch shipyards.

Douglass is separated from his mother, Harriet Bailey, soon after he is born.

His father is most likely their white master, Captain Anthony.In general, city slave-owners are more conscious of appearing cruel or neglectful toward their slaves in front of their non‑slaveowning neighbors.Sophia Auld, Hugh’s wife, has never had slaves before, and therefore she is surprisingly kind to Douglass at first.His year with Covey over, Douglass is next rented to William Freeland for two years.Though Freeland is a milder, fairer man, Douglass’s will to escape is nonetheless renewed.At Freeland’s, Douglass begins edu-cating his fellow slaves in a Sabbath school at the homes of free blacks.Despite the threat of punishment and violence they face, many slaves from neighboring farms come to Douglass and work diligently to learn.Covey manages, in the first six months, to work and whip all the spirit out of Douglass.Douglass becomes a brutish man, no longer interested in reading or freedom, capable only of resting from his injuries and exhaustion.She even begins to teach Douglass to read, until her husband orders her to stop, saying that education makes slaves unmanageable.Eventually, Sophia succumbs to the mentality of slaveowning and loses her natural kindliness.


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