Essay On A Trip To Space Station

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Both air and water will have to be carried along with other necessaries of life.

Both air and water will have to be carried along with other necessaries of life.

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The International Space Station is the doorway to the future of mankind and the world as it is known.

The scientific and medical discoveries that will be made on the station could create billions of dollars annually.

We will be able to walk on the roof or walls like an ant.

In that case we will need magnet in our shoes to keep us tied to the iron floors.

It may be a dry, deserted and dead world where nothing grows.

Men who go there will enjoy the earthlight as we enjoy the moonlight here.Russia is also placing trust in this airplane superpower.They signed a 180 million dollar contract to build the Functional Cargo Block, the unit that will provide power to stabilize the station (Bizony 87).Late last year Boeing beat out several other competitors for the prestigious position of main contractor.NASA agreed to sign a 5.6 billion dollar contract with Boeing to build many of the essential parts of the space station.Without gravity they may conceive the technological discoveries that will boost all economies (Goldin 11). Men who will first land on the moon are already among us.In order to escape the gravitational pull of the earth, a speed of at least seven miles per second is necessary. It is an aero-plane that flies up speedier than a bullet.It has to be fired in a fixed direction like a gun.This inter­planetary station will be the first stage.We may need many such inter­planetary stations if we attempt long voyages to distant stars like the Mars. Once we escape the gravity of the earth we will cease to have any weight.


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