Essay On Change In Lifestyle In 21st Century

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One stoic practice is to imagine that you lost some of your valuable possessions.

It may sound depressing initially, but by imagining these losses we come to appreciate what we have more.

We live in an incredible period of history with easy access to necessities and technology that provides a standard of living that was unforeseeable just a few generations ago.

Instead of appreciating this, we take it for granted.

Our consumerist society seems to create more desire than it fulfills.

This results in everyone keeping up with the Jones’ — but it’s doubtful that even the Jones’ are happy.Stoicism must be practiced if you want to influence the world in a better way.Ask yourself regularly, “What’s the best way to act in this situation?Mara heard of the Buddha’s powers and sought to destroy him so he sent a powerful army.Mara instructed the soldiers to throw flaming rocks at the Buddha, but when they got near him they turned to flowers and fell.The Greeks put a lot of thought into how life should be lived, from Aristotle to Socrates to Plato, but one of their most practical philosophies remains misunderstood by the majority of people: Stoicism.Despite Stoicism’s undeserved reputation for being synonymous with emotionlessness, it can actually lead to an incredibly satisfying way of life.The stoic practice of protecting your mind from circumstances out of your control is best illustrated by a Buddhist story.The antagonist in the story is Mara, an enemy of the Buddha.Buddha’s adversary then instructed the army to shoot arrows at the Buddha, but again the arrows became flowers once they got close to the Buddha’s sphere.There was nothing Mara could do to injure the Buddha because the Buddha had mastered the ability to shelter his happiness from outside events.


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