Essay On Childhood Obesity

The reason for doing this project is to establish the rate of Obesity amongst children in the US and Saudi Arabia.This has since become one of the growing problems that have affected the young people in terms of their lifestyle, health and general social behaviours.

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Studies have further revealed that almost 25% of the children in the United States are above the normal weight.

A good percentage of these children suffer from obesity which have had adverse effects on their social lifestyles.

The question this research will answer is on how to deal with obesity in children and the necessary preventive measures.

Obesity is a global problem due to the increase in junk food; luxury devises easy means of transport and stationery jobs.

The causes of the disease are almost similar in these countries due to some reasons.

Research has revealed that most children in the US are exposed to the consumption of dairy products and carbonated drinks.

The children are not exposed to walking long distances since they mostly use family cars and at the same time spend a lot of time watching television, playing electronic games and using computers for longer duration (Abalkhail, 2002; Kuczmarski and Flegal, 2000).

In this research, both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies will be applied.

This leads to accumulation of sugar and fats within the body which consequently causes obesity especially when they are not exposed to vigorous physical exercises.

This is also reflected in the Saudi Arabia study which revealed the same results as lack of physical activities amongst the children.


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