Essay On Communication Skills For Managers

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In contrast, poor communication skills can have a negative impact - a poorly delivered message may result in misunderstanding, frustration and in some cases disaster.

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It conveys respect and a willingness to hear the other person’s point of view.

Active listening skills will help you and your colleagues have more open and useful exchanges, where each contributor’s point of view is expressed and heard.

Customers desire nothing more than to be understood by a company and they wish to feel like they are being heard and listened to.

This is a particularly important point if your business involves a large amount of contact with customers, either face-to-face or over the phone.

Employers want staff who can think for themselves, use initiative and solve problems, staff who are interested in the long-term success of the company.

If you are to be seen as a valued member of the organisation, it is important not just to be able to do your job well, but also to communicate your thoughts on how the processes and products or services can be improved.

It is natural to feel some nerves when speaking to superiors or to clients.

Communication skills training will help you learn how best to communicate effectively in a wide range of situations, and how to be direct in order to get the most out of your dealings with others.

In your career, you will represent your business or company in spoken and written form.

Your professionalism and attention to detail will reflect positively on you and set you up for success.


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