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The Neo-Skinnerian Model is about reinforcing the behavior by prizes, rewards or punishments.

Postmodernism allows demystifying the existing nursing practice discourse and rejects the established universals, opening new research and scientific frontiers.

This report makes a conclusion that the past decades were marked with the emergence of new, complex research paradigms that “contribute to the development of nursing as an academic discipline and knowledge”.

Project management is also a valuable asset in economic, social, and political spheres of the society (Joelle 6).

To understand the significance of project management in an organization, I interviewed Dr Sridar, a senior project manager at Cisco Company.

The interview seeks to examine how project managers approach and conceptualize their responsibilities with regard to practice context and how the tutors respond to the......?

Discipline of Nursing 4: Transition to Professional Nursing Practice Executive Summary Mr.The school is the basic education that a child gets after leaving mother’s protective and early learning environment.However, the children tend to deviate from learning in a disciplined environment and thus, become incompetent and are unable to grow intellectually and morally.The United States is fairly regarded as the pioneer in nursing profession and science – the creation of the Associate Degree nursing programs in the U. marked a new stage in the evolution of nursing as discipline (Northrup et al 2004).Today, nursing is well-recognized as a discipline and profession (Tzeng & Yin 2007).This gives rise to pursuing of illegal careers and immoral activities that reflect negatively on the external environment and society as a whole.Likewise, the children with disabilities also tend to deviate from disciplined learning environment and show lack of interest in adopting a......Reductionism and CST, feminism and postmodernism are just some of many research paradigms that can contribute to nursing knowledge. As rearing children pose diverse challenges in terms of ensuring that the most appropriate behavior would be manifested through life, parents are accorded different techniques on how to discipline their offspring.The issues concerning childhood discipline have currently emerged as controversial due to the use of corporal punishment, deemed by several researchers, to be the most effective method for childhood discipline.Within the nursing discipline, art helps to answer questions related directly to the profession, whereas science is expected to add to the body of academic knowledge related to human caring (Monti & Tingen 1999).The metaparadigm is a unique aspect of the nursing discipline, which describes concepts and themes that are directly related to the nursing profession and different nursing from other professions and disciplines (Monti & Tingen 1999).


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